Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Who is P.R Allabach?

P.R Allabach is not my real name.

But he is a real person.

Phillip Robert Allabach was born in 1923. His parents, Louis and Geraldine loved him very much, but unfortunately that same year he lost his mother to illness. This left Phillip and his father to fend for themselves. Unable to raise the child on his own Louis granted custody to Geraldine's parents, the Hurlbut's, who would raise the child in their daughter's stead. Phillip's adopted parents (who were also his grandparents) changed his last name from Allabach to Hurlbut.

Phillip Robert Hurlbut lived a full and happy life. He passed his namesake to his second son who is my father, who passed it on to me. (*sort of)

I have chosen to honor him by publishing my works in his name: P.R Allabach.

I love you grandpa.

In loving memory of
Phillip Robert Hurlbut Sr.
1923 - 1990

* The short of it is that while growing up my grandfather was often referred to as Gerrie's (Geraldine's) boy. So my parents chose to honor him (without adding another Phillip to the family) they named me Gerrie Phillip Robert Hurlbut.

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